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Star Pinnacle Leaders Tom and Bethany Alkazin's Success Story

Tom and Bethany Alkazin

How Vemma Turned Semi-Retirement Into
Full Throttle Excitement

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Many networkers dream about joining a promising company, achieving financial freedom, and living the good life somewhere near the beach. Tom and Bethany Alkazin have been there and done that four times. And as Tom Alkazin explains it, their journey to success has always been a family affair.

"We met Dottie and Ben Boreyko, and their kids, Karen, Lauren, BK, and Jason Boreyko in 1980. We were in Amway at the time and often collaborated with Dottie and Ben to help build our different organizations. Bethany and I earned enough to buy our home in Carlsbad, California and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. However, when some unfortunate things happened, Ben and Dottie knew it was time to look for another opportunity. Dottie found a company that was selling an herbal drink that we think has been best describe by BK as - 'It certainly wasn't a dessert topping'. However, despite its formidable taste, it seemed to work wonders for some folks. So we followed all of the Boreyko family over to that company and once again experienced great success and a lifestyle to match."

"As the story goes, everything was fine until the company CEOs announced they couldn't pay our checks right before Christmas of 1993. Despite the efforts of the Boreyko family, who were now the top paid distributors, the company declared bankruptcy and left everyone out of money, and worse, out of options and hope. That prompted the Boreyko family to start a "new vision of network marketing," which they appropriately named New Vision. Having complete trust in them, we helped them launch the company in March, 1995. Just a few years later, New Vision had done over a billion dollars in sales and was regarded as one of the premiere companies in the Direct Sales industry. Bethany and I were blessed with so much success in New Vision, we were slowly moving toward semi-retirement so we could enjoy our lifestyle fully and spend even more time with our growing children, Chris, Brad, and Amy."

Bethany Alkazin, who may very well be one of the most entertaining speakers in this industry, picked up the story from there.

"Apparently God didn't want us to retire right then - and for good reason. BK talked to us about yet another new concept he had that had never been done before in the industry. He wanted to launch a subsidiary with his two premier products as a single focus, and couple it with a simple, generous compensation plan that would enable anyone to achieve exponential success. The prospect of having successful, debt-free company back a radically new, ground-floor opportunity like this got us so excited we went from semi-retirement to full throttle when Vemma launched. We have to tell you, it is the most exciting thing we've ever been a part of, and it has impacted us personally and professionally in ways we never even dreamed of."

"On a personal level, we have watched all of our kids get actively involved in building their Vemma business. This not only provides passive residual income streams for them, it has also empowered them to become wonderful Leaders who are impacting countless lives.* It's absolutely great that we get to build something like this as a family, and to travel to incredible places and have Vemma practically pay for it all."*

"On a professional level, we have seen the Leadership, business savvy and marketing tools in Vemma grow to a point where they rival some of the greatest companies in the world - both in and outside our industry. We've seen young Leaders come in and bring such powerful energy and eagerness that they are literally transforming our business and super charging everyone else in the process. Lastly, we are seeing people who thought they lost everything in the economic downturn seize this opportunity to create the lives they've always dreamed of, but were too comfortable or afraid to pursue."

Roadmap To SuccessTom talked about why his family and team are so excited about the next years with Vemma.

"The best way we can describe it to people is to have them imagine a jet taking off. It takes a lot of runway for it to get up to speed, but once it's airborne it goes very high, very quickly. Likewise, Vemma spent a couple of years getting off the ground, but now it is in a steady climb and breaking sales records every month. So anyone who gets started now can take advantage of all that preparation, acceleration, and momentum. The products are unrivaled. The comp plan is incredibly lucrative. The marketing tools are without peer. The owners understand and respond to the field's ideas. And there are systems in place like the Roadmap to Success that make the education and duplication process simple."

"We can honestly say we have never seen anything like Vemma in all the years we have been in this industry. And we have never seen such an overwhelming demand for viable options to obtain and maintain health and prosperity. So whether you're a college student who wants some spending money, a single parent who needs to pay off some bills, or a seasoned networker who's just tired of all the broken promises, we invite you to become a part of our Vemma family. It can add richness to every area of your life that you never dreamed possible... Until now."

*Your success is dependent on your efforts and leadership abilities. The Company has generally expected results which can be obtained by visiting the Opportunity section of

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